Is there a monthly fee for apps on iPhone 4?

Answer Yes. They both use 30-pin docks.

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How do you transfer apps from itunes to iphone 4 without losing other apps on allready on iphone?

Do you pay monthly for apps on the android or is it a one time fee?

The principle behind the Android Market App payment system is similar to the system in place with the iTunes Store. You pay once for the App, and it is linked to your google account. You can re-dow... Read More »

Does it cost money to run apps besides for buying the apps in the first place on the iPhone 3GS?

no, once the app is purchased ,to play it or run it doesn't cost money :) hope this helps,lex

Can you buy apps from apps store on your iPhone 3g when unlocked and on tmobile?

I would believe so, it can be difficult to unlock your iphone though but the iphone is exclusively at tmobile in Europe.