Is there a minimum physical size requirement for classrooms for children with severe and profound disabilities?

Answer Your body temperature should be 98.6F or 37.0C, whether you are pregnant or not.

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How to Use a Touch Screen Monitor With Children With Severe Disabilities?

New technology is capable of brightening disabled children's lives and providing communicative and educational opportunities for them. Children without verbal communication skills are able to use a... Read More »

What disabilities are considered severe disabilities?

Under the US Social Security Administration, a disability shall be considered severe if interferes with basic work-related activities. There are impairments that have been listed down by the SSA wh... Read More »

What are severe disabilities?

A "severe" disability is one that has a huge impact on how someone gets by day to day. This could be through a physical disability, a mental impairment or an acute illness. When classing disability... Read More »

What is the minimum age requirement for an IRA?

There is no minimum age requirement for an individual to set up or contribute to an IRA. The Internal Revenue Service requires that an individual must be under the age of 70 ½ at the end of the t... Read More »