Is there a minimum income amount to qualify for disability insurance?

Answer Minimum Income for Disability Insurance Here is input and advice from FAQ Farmers: No, but in most cases you can only buy up to 60% of your current income and you must be emplyed FT. 4lifeguild G... Read More »

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Is there a minimum income amount to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

There is no set minimum income amount required to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, though filers need enough income to cover standard costs of living and the bankruptcy's monthly settlement. The income ... Read More »

A widow has gross income of 600 a week Her disability insurance coverage replaces 70 percent of her earnings after a four-week waiting period What amount would she receive in disability?

The calculation is as follows: $600 x 52 (#of weeks in a year) divided by 12 (months). This monthly amount would be $2600 x 70% - Her base benefit would be $1820 per month. Be sure to check the pol... Read More »

What is the minimum amount of income needed to pay federal income tax?

The minimum amount of money needed to pay income taxes depends on filing status. As of 2009, those who are single need to make more than $9,350 in order to pay. If filing as a head of household, th... Read More »

Since my employer made a mistake in calculating my income for the group short term disability insurance company even though I questioned the amount who is liable for the overpayment?

Answer Sounds like he would be. Good luck duking it out with him.