Is there a minimum HDD size for this motherboard?

Answer Hard drive and memory are two completely different things but yes the salesman was talking out of his backside. The only minimum for a hard drive is having enough space on it for windows and your a... Read More »

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Is ATX the largest motherboard size?

The oldest and largest motherboard is the AT form factor board. Baby AT motherboards were subsequently released as the normal AT boards were cumbersome to both install and repair. ATX motherboards ... Read More »

What size motherboard fits an ATX case?

ATX computer cases are always compatible with ATX motherboards, but they usually also work with smaller microATX main boards. Older AT-style motherboards and newer BTX boards do not fit in ATX case... Read More »

What size motherboard is used in the Dell Dimension 4600C?

The motherboard in a Dell Dimension 4600C is a microATX form that measures 9.60 inches by 8.20 inches. It supports Pentium 4 processors and up to 4 GB of RAM memory.References:Ascend Tech: Dell Dim... Read More »

What is the minimum size of door?

Answer There is no physical minimum door size - custom doors can be made to any size. There might be building codes for your area specifying what the minimum door size is for a commercial or reside... Read More »