Are there more black catholics than other black christians?

Answer According to a survey published in 2007, only about 5 percent of all African-Americans are Catholic. The vast majority (59 percent) are members of the Black Protestant Church, 15 percent are Evange... Read More »

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On my iTouch there is a black rectangle squarish black spot...does anyone know what it is And what it is for PLEASE tell me SOON?

It's a faulty pixel on the LCD screen matrix. Very common. Can be denied as a fault by many manufacturers of LCD screens and referred to instead as a "screen feature", thus allowing for warrantees ... Read More »

Back then when the world had black and white tvs,were there black and white computers too?

There was almost only text on computers, just text.

Are there black foxgloves?

Black foxglove does not exist naturally. Typically, the foxglove flower grows in a bell shape and hangs from a stalk that can grow up to 5 feet in height. They grow in pastel colors ranging from wh... Read More »

Are there black roses?

A couple of 'black' (not truly black, usually a very dark red or maroon) are 'Black Baccara' (the blackest that I am aware of) from Star Roeses and Black Magic from Jackson and Perkins.