Is there a medicine to melt the kidney stone ?

Answer Homeopathic treatment for Kidney Stones :-1. SILICEA 6X2. KALI PHOS 6X3. MAG PHOS 6X4. CAL FLOUR 6XFour tablets each of the above Cell Salts together with BERBERIS VULGARIS "Q" (Mother Tincture) 20... Read More »

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Is there any relief for kidney stone pain that i can do at home?

I know this will sound (and taste) completely disgusting, but my husband has severe and recurring kidney stone issues. It's an old remedy, but it really helps.2 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil (This bre... Read More »

Is recurrent formation of kidney stone is considered kidney disease or not?

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Kidney stone in left kidney can it make even your left leg hurt?

No, kidney stone in left kidney will not hurt your left leg.It has no concern with your leg.

Is there a difference in a left kidney right kidney donation?