Is there a medicine that will make you sleep forever?

Answer probably a continuous supply of Nitrous Oxide mixed with Oxygen - as long as that don't run out, you'll be in a different dimensions for a while

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Is there any products out there that will help me to sleep better or help put me to sleep?

Anything with diphenhydramine will knock you on your a*s. Any sleep aid and Benadryl are good examples. Just stay away from the green death that is Nyquil...LOL

Are there any herbal remedies that will aid sleep?

Yes!!!Kava Kava root is excellent for aiding sleep, as long as you get it in a strong dosage. I recommend the powdered form for its strength (like the brand Kava King), but it tastes awful. It also... Read More »

HELP! i can't go to sleep any tips that can help me get to sleep faster without medicine?

Any one or other of the above answers may be helpful, but it really depends on personal preference, since the same method may not work for all. I can only add to the above answers : try simple brea... Read More »

Is there any medicine by which i can take sound sleep of 6-8 hr.?

Most over-the-counter sleep aids contain first-generation anti-histamines (diphenhydramine). These were originally used to treat allergies, and they are the main ingredient in OTC drugs like Benadr... Read More »