Is there a maximum amount of HOA fees that can be recovered with a lien?

Answer State laws are different on this topic. Your governing documents and the state law may prioritize HOA assessments above the recovery rights of a lender at the time of foreclosure, for example, or ... Read More »

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What is the maximum amount of fees that a lawyer can charge for a disability claim?

You have the right to legal representation for your Social Security disability case. According to the Social Security Administration, a disability attorney may only charge $6,000 or 25 percent of y... Read More »

Will a doctor's office write off an amount that the insurance deems over the maximum billable amount that they allow?

Answer Yes, if they are on the provider list. AnswerYes ONLY IF they are obligated to do so under a network agreement. If your insurance company determines that procedure X should not exceed $10... Read More »

Is there a maximum amount that a federal lawyer can charge a defendant in a criminal case?

Federal attorneys can charge fees based on a number of different variables, including location, experience and complexity of the case involved. No statutes exist that limit the fees lawyers can ch... Read More »

What is the maximum amount that a condo association or homeowner's association can recover via Florida's super lien statute and does it vary between HOAs and condo associations?

You have asked a complex and interesting question. It is difficult to find much information on "Super Liens" in Florida. The following is general information only and should not be construed as leg... Read More »