Is there a major quality difference in MiniDV and film?

Answer The short answer is that Hollywood films use expensive cameras!OK... so here is the long answer:Most consumer MiniDV cameras like the one you have do not have the features necessary to give that "f... Read More »

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Is there a difference in the lens quality of glasses?

Eyeglass lenses come in many different materials and styles. The type of lens you purchase depends on your prescription and how you use your glasses. The quality of lens materials and coatings is u... Read More »

Do you actually NEED little tapes or dvds to film with a minidv?

Yes, you need some type of media be it the tapes or DVDs to save the data to. And they can be expensive! Also, recording time is extremely short, so as low as 30 min!Personally, I think the units... Read More »

Is there really a difference in video quality btw CMOS and CCD sesnors?

Is there any difference in picture quality when a blu-ray movie is encoded in MPEG4 vs. VC-1?

In theory VC-1 is considered superior, but in practice it's unlikely you will see a difference. Besides, Blu-ray movies are mainly VC-1 these days and you don't get a choice ... the studio decides.... Read More »