Is there a magnifier for a Trijicon Reflex sight?

Answer Trijicon does not make a magnifier for the Reflex. Depending on your platform, an EOTech magnifier can work. However, it will mount higher than your Reflex sight sits on the rail, so you must acqui... Read More »

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Red Dot Vs. Reflex Sight?

The debate of whether to use a red dot sight or a reflex sight is being considered more frequently. Both items are very effective tools, and the modern battlefield is giving them a rugged proving g... Read More »

How to Install a Trijicon .27 Glock?

Trijicon is a type of gun sight and a .27 Glock is the Glock model 27 .40 caliber mini. The Glock 27 is about the size of a large hand and has a nine-round magazine. Trijicon sights allow you to se... Read More »

How to Use the Magnifier on Your Computer?

This is going to show you how to use the magnifier that is on your computer.

Cant get magnifier off my screen?

It's been turned on by default each time you boot your pc.To get rid of it, go to start>all programs>accessories>ease of access>ease of access centerclick on "make the computer easier to use" under... Read More »