Is there a machine that can measure the certainity of an outcome?

Answer You can only "measure" something that already exists.If you mean "predict", then yes, there is software that will give you the odds of something happening under given conditions.Bookies and Weather... Read More »

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Is there a device that can measure how clogged your arteries already are?

Firstly clogged valves and clogged arteries are two completely different things. Clogged coronary arteries are what cause heart attacks so I'll presume thats what youre talking about rather than va... Read More »

Is there a machine that i can buy that will break bills but will also tax the ending sum?

i can do that for you send me your money and ill break it down for you and charge you tax...

Is there a sewing machine that only does buttonholes?

A button holer is a sewing machine that only does buttonholes. Button holers are normally high-speed industrial machines that can make in excess of 2,000 stitches per minute. A button holer is not ... Read More »

Is there any machine that helps against the Sound/Voice Recorder?

No. Blow a loud whistle into it while it is recording, then call the police. Or, just smash the thing to bits and let the perpetrator find it that way.