Is there a lot of math involved in the average Computer Science job?

Answer Very little.The computer is a glorify calculator.So all the maths are done by computer.Programmer just provide the software programs.

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How is math involved in nursing?

Nursing is not a career in which you can slide by without any math skills. Math is part of the day-to-day work in nursing--and when it comes to math and medications, lives can be at stake.DosingDos... Read More »

Is math involved in designing trusses?

A truss is a structural element composed of a series of triangles built from rigid material like wood or steel. A truss provides considerable strength to a structure. A great deal of mathematical c... Read More »

What kind of math is involved in carpentry?

Basic math 1+1 ect. Pythagoras theorem is also involved in carpentry. For example, when building a triangular roof with one side perpendicular to the ceiling, Pythagoras theorem is needed to make a... Read More »

Is math involved in standard electrical work?

Math is involved in standard electrical work, and electricians are required to take math classes when they are training to enter the field. The work of an electrician involves solving math issues s... Read More »