Is there a london sightseeing aeroplane?

Answer Several companies offer London airplane sightseeing tours. These are given in twin-engine aircrafts that carry a maximum of four people. The tours generally last thirty minutes, following the Thame... Read More »

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Can you use iphone earphones on an aeroplane?

Yes you can text on the ipod touch 4. You need wifi and you have to download the app "Textnow" and you can text

Can you enter the US by aeroplane with a green card?

Is headphones allowed on board an aeroplane?

Consult your doctor, it sounds like you have a nasty ear infection developing.

Hey can any body tell me why are we asked to turn off our cell phones in the aeroplane?

Both the mobile and the aeroplane use wireless mode for communication and their frequencies are similar. Hence if anyone uses mobile, it interrupts the plane's communication with the Control Tower... Read More »