Is there a list of virgin births?

Answer Those cited by Christopher Hitchens as alleged examples of virgin births include the births of all of the following gods, demigods, and people: Perseus, the god Buddha, Huitzilopochtli, Attis, Gen... Read More »

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Has there been any births recorded at 19 weeks?

You do have an increased risk of delivering prematurely.

I have a list of email's that i put into excel, is there an easy way to transfer the list to email?

You did not state which version of MS-Excel you are using (nor email client), so I will assume it to be 2003 or earlier (though the same basic information is valid for 2007).Have you tried just sel... Read More »

Who did 'Talkers Magazine' list as the number one in there top 25 list as the greatest radio talk show host of all time?

The industry bible, "Talkers Magazine" ranked Rush Limbaugh as the undisputed greatest radio talk show host of all time. He has maintained the highest Nielsen ratings in the country for over 20 str... Read More »

How would a virgin tell her boyfriend she is a virgin and wants to lose her virginity?

Just tell him that you wanna do it and if he's ready then he'll do it. It's not that hard