Is there a list of natural remedy for constipation?

Answer Good ole' apple juice or cider. Or even prunes or prune juice. Might make you gassy tho.Add.. Wise One, LOL

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Is there any natural remedy to increase libido?

there is an herbal remedy that can be used for men and/or women called 'horny goat weed', really its not a joke that's the name. i would check the ingredients and ask her doctor if its ok to take t... Read More »

Is there a natural home remedy for smelly shoes?

Is there a natural remedy u can take for bloated stomachs & if so where can i get it?

I have brown recluse spiders in my home. Is there a natural remedy for them?

Not really, short of professional extermination. These spiders are easier to live with than people think, as long as you take a few common sense steps to avoid bites you can easily live your whole ... Read More »