Is there a list of dvds and blu-rays that automatically replay?

Answer the common inflorescence of asteraceae is capitulum. the folwers of this inflorescence are called florets. there are two types of florets ie disc and ray florets. the basic difference between the t... Read More »

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Is there anything out there that can burn dvds fast?

DVDs remastered to blu-rays?

DVDs are not remastered into blu-ray, they are re-done from the film source. Most recent films are already about 4x the standard HD resolution. The original film has plenty of resolution to be HD... Read More »

How do blu-rays and DVDs work?

i think that you will find that this site answers your question in much detail hope it helps :)

How to Burn DVDs & Blu-rays in iMovie?

If you're using Apple's iMovie to create videos that you want to burn to disc, you'll be able to accomplish the task quite easily using the iDVD selection available right from the iMovie program. T... Read More »