Is there a list of Navy Cross recipients who were not Navy Marines or Coast Guard?

Answer When you complete all training requirements YOU choose within you contract, report and in process to your first duty assignment you will then receive your signing bonus. At that time if you will on... Read More »

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Is there a list of Vietnam navy cross recipients?

Army navy coast guard marines air force are there any more?

Certainly, that used to be SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) during the Vietnam War. Which is why there was a waiting list to join the Guard during the war; 6 years in the Guard or...2 years in ... Read More »

In the United States the army air force navy marines and coast guard fulfill what purpose of government?

How does the U.S. Army Navy Marines Air Force and Coast Guard respectively rank number of active aircraft amongst the world's armed forces.?

All combined, the United States Armed Forces maintain a significantly higher number of aircraft than any other country.They protect the country