Is there a liquid vinyl patch?

Answer Many companies make liquid vinyl patches or kits to repair tears in vinyl surfaces. The products typically consist of a flexible quick-drying adhesive that is applied to the damaged area. Some prod... Read More »

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How to Patch a Vinyl Floor?

Vinyl floors can be damaged in a number of ways, such as chairs scraping across the surface or hot pots and pans and their contents spattering across the surface. Rather than replacing all the floo... Read More »

How do I patch a vinyl pool?

Prepare PatchCut a patch of vinyl roughly twice the size of the hole in the pool. Apply vinyl adhesive to one side of the patch. Fold the patch in half before taking it underwater to keep the adhes... Read More »

How to Patch Inflatable Vinyl?

Vinyl is a popular material for inflatable children's toys, swimming pools and slides because it is inexpensive, waterproof and easy to store when not in use. Vinyl can tear or puncture easily, how... Read More »

How do I put a patch in vinyl siding?

RepairGo to a hardware store and buy a zip tool, a piece of vinyl to match your siding and waterproof caulking. Remove the damaged piece of siding with the zip tool. Measure the size of the hole wi... Read More »