How is the best liqour to drink on ?

Answer Vodka,tequila... pretty much hard liquor.but if you're looking for fruity drinksUV,Four Loko,Smirnoff,Mikes hard, MD20/20.

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Is it possible to get a liqour license for a bus?

You must read your states open container laws first before you do this !!!

Are there any toaster ovens available with stainless steel interiors other than the Franklin Chef commercial model FR1644?

Answer Refrigerators stuff themselves while blondes starve themselves!!

What should my liqour be called!!!?

echelon idk what it means but it sounds cooool :)

Is $100 enough for my Liqour this weekend?

I have never heard of Ciroc Patron.Ciroc is a French vodka made from snap frost grapes and Patron is an overpriced tequila. But either way, around here...a bottle of Ciroc is $22, a bottle of Patro... Read More »