Is there a link between folliculitis& HIV?

Answer Folliculitis is a skin condition caused by damage to hair follicles. HIV infected patients are at a higher risk for the condition but folliculitis is not caused by the virus. Folliculitis also occu... Read More »

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The solution depends on whether it fungal or bacterial. If it occurs mostly under humid conditions, its probably fungal and an antifungal cream along with an antifungal shampoo will work. Suitab... Read More »

Is hot tub folliculitis contagious?

Hot tub folliculitis, a skin condition usually on the back that manifests itself in small red to purple bumps, is not contagious. People get it from hot tubs that have bacterial overgrowth. Hot tub... Read More »

Can stress cause folliculitis?

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles, usually caused by bacteria and sometimes by fungus. Although stress does not directly cause folliculitis, people with a weak immune system are mo... Read More »

Folliculitis and the onitment?