How many text messages would you send in a week?

Answer Depends.. Abit like you - but sometimes much more..

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How many text messages do you send/receive in a month?

nicei do like 1500but my friends keep getting there fone taken up

Is there a way to recieve messages on 1 email and send it with another using Thunderbird?

I assume you are talking about multiple Accounts on Thunderbird, where you can use the Profile Manager to open Thunderbird and specify which account you want to use at that time.If this is so, then... Read More »

How many texts messages does the avg. girl send in a month?…Page 5.Though I don't know what you consider an "avg. girl". Age, race, family income, lots of other things are in the definition.http://www.telecompetito... Read More »

Is there a limit to how many times you can upgrade your skills on runes of magic I.E if i upgrade i skill so far will it limit how far i can upgrade another?

There is nothing to say that it would be a bad idea unless the person in question was using it for bad things. The application store has strict measures in place and no adult content is let through... Read More »