Is there a limit to favorites on YouTube?

Answer Maybe adding many videos to your favourites at one time creates a limit, but overall there shouldn't be.

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How to hide my favorites on youtube Is privacy for favorite videos in youtube possible?

to hide your favorites go to edit channel,channel design, then scroll down and you'llsee a bunch of boxes w/ check marks, uncheckthe on that says "favorite box"

How to Find Someone's YouTube Favorites?

Online video repository also has a social component. Namely, you can "subscribe" to other users' "channels" -- or, if you only like a single video, you can add it to your "Favorites," a list of vid... Read More »

Can I access a close Youtube account's favorites?

If you can find an archived web page of that YouTube account, then you might be able to get those links. But you will not be able to get them from the closed/suspended account.Sometimes Google wil... Read More »

How do I add the current video I'm playing on YouTube to my favorites or quick list...?