Is there a legal grace period for cancelled auto insurance?

Answer Every state has their own guidelines, consult with a local insurance agent for more information.

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What actions are typically taken by a lender if auto insurance is cancelled or expired and how long is the grace period?

%FOLLOWUPS% Answer Most finance/lease contracts allow the lender to either take the car back or purchase insurance and then charge the customer for it on their loan. The insurance the lender would... Read More »

Is there a grace period for non-payment of an auto insurance policy in TX?

Answer That would be something that was stated in the policy. The state of residency would not be relevant. Just the terms of the policy.

Is there an allowable grace period for auto insurance premiums to be late in Oklahoma?

Answer In most cases, not. Insurers usually give you a 5-10 window to make payment and be re-instated. However during that time period you have no insurance.

If you fail to send your premium for auto insurance renewal is there a grace period in the state of Florida?

NO. The insurance policy has to be in the name of the titled owner.