Is there a lawn fertilizer using beer&lemon joy?

Answer While there is no fertilizer that contains both beer and Lemon Joy, each of those ingredients can be used separately in lawn care. Drenching your lawn with a Lemon Joy solution can detect chinch bu... Read More »

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There was a blast in TX at a fertilizer plant. Will the govt make us pass fertilizer background checks now?

Already has. To work around it or buy large quantities like a farmer does takes special training. And permits. Special storage for some things. And proper posting and logging of it. It is regu... Read More »

Pet Friendly Lawn Fertilizer?

Pets can become ill from chemical lawn fertilizers. Family pets can ingest chemicals when eating grass, by inhaling fertilizer fumes or dust, through skin absorption or by drinking water runoff con... Read More »

Can I Put Fertilizer on My Lawn If I Have a Dog?

Exposure to chemical fertilizers can be harmful to dogs, but dog lovers don't have to choose between their dogs and their lawns. By taking special care when using fertilizers, they can keep their l... Read More »

Safe Lawn Fertilizer?

Fertilizing the lawn helps grass grow green and lush, but many chemical compounds found in chemical fertilizers may be harmful to pets and animals. Chemical run-off from lawn fertilizers also contr... Read More »