Is there a law on how long a train can block an intersection?

Answer The Federal Railroad Administration establishes and enforces all regulations regarding the operation of railroads in the United States. There is no federal law which dictates how long a train--whet... Read More »

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How does a train activate the signals at an intersection?

The train tracks and the train's wheels or rollers (whatever they are called) have a magnetic field or something causing the signals to activate.

What is the difference between an uncontrolled intersection and a blind intersection?

An uncontrolled intersection is one which has no light signals or road signs (such as stop signs) directing traffic or designating right-of-way. A blind intersection is one which has geometry that... Read More »

Is there a rule concerning the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection?

Answer Varies state to state, check your individual state statutes--Traffic Specialist

How do traffic lights know there are cars waiting at an intersection?

There are all sorts of technologies for detecting cars -- everything from lasers to rubber hoses filled with air.By far the most common technique is the inductive loop. An inductive loop is simply ... Read More »