Is there a key logger app for you-phone?

Answer So far there is no emulator software for the iPhone 4 or any other iDevice.

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How do I delete key logger?

Stop Key Logger ProcessesPress "Ctrl," "Alt," and "Delete" simultaneously to open the "Task Manager" utility. Click on the "Processes" tab, and select the "log.exe" filename in the list. Click on t... Read More »

How can I identify a key logger?

Key-logging originally started with hackers and their Trojans sneaking into people's computers to get passwords for accounts, particularly security systems and bank accounts. However, this subtle t... Read More »

What is a key logger?

This software is installed on your computer and records your keystrokes. The best way to avoid these are to never download anything you don't trust, don't download EXE files and don't accept myster... Read More »