How much is a Jimmy Johns giant club sandwich?

Answer First they will ask you where you live so they can tell you the nearest store, then they want to know which giant club #7 to #17 you want, then they will tell you the price, Just go to their websit... Read More »

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What is Mexican collision coverage in auto insurance. I don't live anywhere near Mexico and have no plans to visit there. Any ideas?

Collision coverage in regards to Mexican Auto Insurance means if the vehicle hits a rock or a tree or is hit by another vehicle your vehicle is covered. In Mexico this generally means "Full Coverag... Read More »

My BF's pines is so big, I am afraid to put it anywhere near my bush. What should we do?

no need to worry about his big pine, your bush will be receptive to him when there is an abundance of sap,, just take your time and his pine and your bush will get along fine, especially if your bu... Read More »

Does the word "healthy" belong anywhere near the phrase "midnight snack"?

it really depends on what time you go to sleep. if you work all night, then there is such a thing as a healthy midnight snack.if you've got sugar imbalance in your body you might need to eat someth... Read More »

Can Hyaluronan taken in supplement form be anywhere near as effective as hyaluronic acid injections?