Is there a herb called marmar?

Answer Marmar is a desert herb that has an amazingly clean and exotic taste. I had it in Sinai, in bedouin tea, but have been unable to find it in the US.

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Is herb called erb or herb?

Herbs are Herbs,people just call it "erb" because they are french or the non french think the"H"is silent,because the french people don't pronounce the "H" and the non french aren't well educated s... Read More »

Has anyone tried a herb called kalawalla.?

Do you mean Blackseed(Kalonji) by "Kalawalla". please be a bit more specific so we can answer your question. Blackseed has got immense therapeutic values and is known to regulate and strengthen yo... Read More »

What is herb collecting called?

Answer Yes. It is built on small wheels so it can be moved about easily. Usually more exspensive than a built in unit because it has two finished sides and a finished top that a built in unit does ... Read More »

What is an herb called turkey rhubarb?

Turkey rhubarb is a root that has been used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy for digestion problems. It has a mild laxative effect that assists to ease constipation, but is chiefly used a... Read More »