There are two guards guarding doors One of the guards is guarding the door to heaven and one guard is guarding the door to hell The one that guards hell always lies what question do you ask them to?

Answer Or ask: "If I were to ask the other guard what door was the door to heaven what would he say? Then once they answer pick the other door.

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Someone told me there was hell on earth?

here, i am going to give you a tenth of my miserable life!

How many seasons of Hell Girl are there?

Well, there are 3 seasons 1._Hell_Girl_26_episodes_">1. Hell Girl 26 episodes  2._Hell_Girl:_Two_Mirrors_26_episodes">2. Hell Girl: Two Mirrors 26 episodes 3._Hell_Girl:_Three_Vessels_26_episodes... Read More »

How the hell so u shave down there ha 10 points!?

Just go to a professional salon and tell them you want a "Telly Savalas"Jees...Use your imagination, already!LOL

I'm in agony!! My arm just below the elbow hurts like hell but there is no bruising or physical sign of injury?

Could be either tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, depending on which muscles hurt.