Is there a healthier alternative to Jello?

Answer Not as thick, but a fun alternative: beer (for that jacuzzi I mean, not dessert for the kiddies)

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Is chewing tobacco a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes?

no, it's just as habit forming b/c it's the same drug. You can get nastier kinds of cancer (mouth, tongue, jaw), lose teeth, not to mention the nasty stains are worse. You need to just quit. Ask... Read More »

Should I use the jello jugglers recipient for a jello mold or regular recipe Urgent -waters boiling?

Yes, you should use the Jello Jigglers Recipe (if that is what you were trying to ask) to make jigglers. You use less water for jigglers than regular Jello molds. If you are making a jello mold, ... Read More »

How many gallons of jello would it take to fill a 90x90x20 pool with about 6 inches of jello?

Assuming you mean 90 x 90 x 20 inches, then the volume of Jello is 90 x 90 x 6 inches deep = 48600 cu in = 28.1 cu ft. At 7.48 gallons per cu ft, that is 210 gallons of jello.

Doctors, is there any alternative medicine out there proven to be effective in treating ...?

The BEST are Bilberry, Omega 3, and B150 (take this 2x/day) ! In tandem with eating flax seeds, onions, blueberries,eggs, lots of Kale, and 1 glass of Red wine/day (yes, Red Wine has been proven in... Read More »