Is there a hair product named blue magic?

Answer Blue Magic is a brand of hair products, which includes conditioners to keep hair moisturized. Blue Magic products come in cylinder containers and can be purchased at large retailers such as Walmart... Read More »

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Which king had a magic sword named Excalibur?

The fictional sword Excalibur belonged to King Arthur, symbolizing his right to rule all of England. In some versions of the story, he drew Excalibur from a stone in which it had been embedded; in ... Read More »

Any ideas on a good product to remove product buildup on my hair?

This may sound a bit strange . . . but I swear by it. I have really thick, curly hair, and here's what a salon owner told me to do years ago; I've been doing it once a week ever since:Before you g... Read More »

When did the dog magic leave Blue Peter?

Its when vlad is the chosen one and is picked to be the new grand high vampire.

Size of vacuum cleaner bag for Kenmore magic blue?

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