Is there a good children book you would recommend ?

Answer Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince

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Can someone recommend a good book on phishing?

There lot of content online about phishing. You don't need a book for it. Its pretty simple technique. But if you want you can always find a book on internet. I myself have hacked several accounts ... Read More »

Can you recommend a good curry cook book?

Curries Without Worries, an introduction to Indian cuisineby Sudha Koul

How to Write a Good Children's Book?

According to administrators at the annual ABC's Children's Book Competition, for every 12,000 picture-book manuscripts publishers receive from aspiring authors, only three are actually published. T... Read More »

What is a good campfire story book for preschool children?

Although the previous answers are not really appropriate for what you are going to do, it's not a bad idea to make up a story to tell. If you really want a book to read, then I suggest Just Me and... Read More »