Is there a glee app for andriod phones?

Answer Well, for the IPAD, yes it's called the glee fanpad android usually has apple apps and moreso probably

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Why is Glee season 2 all about Kurt nothing ageist gays but it's getting monotonous the gay theme on Glee?

I have the exact same feeling. Some say it's because of the strong controversy revolving around Proposition 8. Another rumor is that Kurt, being the most popular character according to polls on Fox... Read More »

Andriod phone, HTC evo...?

download HandCent sms from the android market it is supposed to be one of the best android sms apps there is! it has many settings and functions you cant do on the stock sms app

What is better iPhone or andriod?

Depends on what carrier you want? Specify a bit more! But if you want the ability to customize your phone to the maximum extent then Android is your go. If you just want a list of apps and a closed... Read More »

Why cant i get snapchat on andriod?

Hmmm, that's annoying. I can't believe that's out of date. What about the Rounds app? Can you get that and it works okay? ( ) It's similar...