Is there a glee app for andriod phones?

Answer Well, for the IPAD, yes it's called the glee fanpad android usually has apple apps and moreso probably

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Why is Glee season 2 all about Kurt nothing ageist gays but it's getting monotonous the gay theme on Glee?

I have the exact same feeling. Some say it's because of the strong controversy revolving around Proposition 8. Another rumor is that Kurt, being the most popular character according to polls on Fox... Read More »

Is there an app for android where you can watch glee?

Well if you have a samsung galaxy s epic 4g, then you could use the app called sprint tv. It comes with the phone. But if you don't have the samsung epic then idk if the other android phones allow ... Read More »

Who was the young lady in the Navy uniform in the USMA Glee Club on ESPN today and why was she there?

Who has the best cell phones out there?

I've always liked Nokia. But if you like Nokia, you could also try Sony. I hear their features are somewhat similar.