Is there a glasses-free 3D TV?

Answer Glasses free 3D is at an experimental stage at present. The few examples are expensive and not impressive quality either. It will improve and the costs will come down in the future but if you are c... Read More »

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Which 3D TV would you get if you want battery free 3D glasses. Does it perform as well as the battery glasses?

Active glasses and passive glasses use very different technologies to separate the left and right eye images. To choose a 3D television based on the type of glasses is not a wise decision. Spend ti... Read More »

Why are battery free 3D TV glasses better?

Battery free glasses for 3D are better if they are being used with passive 3D televisions. LG only have passive 3D television so the battery free glasses work with them. The other premium brands su... Read More »

Is the possibility of glasses free 3D TV coming soon?

Toshiba has already launched glasses free 3D TV. But it has its limitations that only 11 people can watch 3D at a time and it is not as effective as other present 3D TVs

Free mcdonalds coke glasses dishwasher safe?

NO! There is a chance that they may explode in the dishwasher.Myself, I washed them by hand and ended up with 8 stitches.