Is there a genetic component to epilepsy?

Answer On One Hand: Genetics Play a RoleGenetics sometimes play a role in epilepsy, a disorder that causes seizures. Epilepsy is not directly inherited, but it often runs in families, according to the May... Read More »

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Is epilepsy genetic?

On One Hand: Some Types of Epilepsy Are GeneticOnly certain kinds of epilepsy run in families. According to the Mayo Clinic, researchers have identified up to 500 genes that could be responsible. I... Read More »

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Which is better Monster M1000CV component video cable or Monster THX Ultra 1000 Component Video Cable?

The problem is that Monster refuses to release technical specs on the coax or RCA jacks they use so we cannot really compare how much better or worse each cable is.Monster brags about exotic gasses... Read More »

What is epilepsy 10 pts?

Nope epilepsy is just that; recurrent seizures. It does not make you different. Neurons fire electrical signals in your brain constantly. People with epilepsy have abnormal electrical discharges wh... Read More »