Is there a generic version of Zantac 150?

Answer There is a generic version of Zantac 150, and it's called ranitidine hydrochloride or ranitidine 150 mg. The medication treats several conditions of the stomach, esophagus and intestines. It is use... Read More »

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Is there a generic for Plavix?

Clopidogrel is the generic name for Plavix. It became available by prescription in Fall 2009. Prior attempts to bring the generic form public were halted by a December 2008 court ruling made by The... Read More »

What is the difference between iphone 4 korean version hongkong version and malaysian version and why the said two versions are cheaper than hongkong version thank you?

Is there a generic drug for nexium?

There is no generic option for Nexium, a drug taken to provide heartburn relief, as of February 2009. The first patent on Nexium does not expire until 2014, which keeps rival companies from produci... Read More »

Is there a generic brand for Loestrin 24?

As of January 2010, there are no generic brands for Loestrin 24, an oral contraceptive produced by Warner Chilcott Laboratories. The drug is pharmacologically classified as progestin and estrogen. ... Read More »