Is there a game like dust for iPod touch?

Answer Try holding down the button on the top of the Iphone and the one at the bottom. Press them in together until the phone switches off and then it shout reboot itself. Or if your phone is dead and won... Read More »

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Is there a game boy app for iPod touch?

there is but you need to jailbreak your ipod first

Is there sorry the board game for iPod touch?

Sorry the Board Game made by Hasbro is not available on the App Store sadly, But there are alternatives, Here is a list of them: 1. Monopoly 99c 2. The Game of Life 99c 3. Cluedo 99c 4. Boggl... Read More »

Are there any games like sims for iPod touch?

Is there a way to connect my Ipod touch to my dads iPhone 3g so i can get the internet on the ipod touch?

No there is not, iPod touches can not use 3G. Only wifi. Also you cant get a cable to connect them anyway.