Is there a free screen recording program like Fraps?

Answer I'll be honest and say that there are free alternatives to fraps, but none of them are as good quality/easy and simple to use as fraps. WeGame used to be really good but for some reason the downloa... Read More »

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Will a better video card improve Fraps screen recording performance?

upgrading your graphic card can improve recording performance.Graphic card is very important for game recording.Fraps takes a lot of resources when recording, so you can't get a good FPS count.If y... Read More »

What is the recording program to record screen and camera?

Try Bandicam. It looks like the Fraps, but so much better.You can record your webcam, gameplay, video and desktop screen with sounds.Also, you can upload the recorded file to YouTube without conver... Read More »

FRAPS not recording in HD?

How to get Fraps recording device all in one video?

Hi Jacob, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: If you are recording in HiDef or other high-quality, uncompressed setting, and your gaming sessions last any significant amount of time, the video files will... Read More »