Is there a free program that lets you transfer music from an Ipad 2 to Itunes?

Answer no there isnt but on the internet its more money but on the ipod or iphone or ipad you can get it cheaper

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How do you transfer music that you bought on your iPhone 3g to another itunes music library?

I assume you have DRM songs stored on your iPhone. You have to authorize the computer you are working on. Please follow this simple procedure to solve your problem: 1. Run iTunes 2. Click on St... Read More »

How to Buy Music from iTunes from an iPad?

Having iTunes on your iPad allows you to browse music, listen to previews and download songs in seconds. Once downloaded, music can be accessed from your iPad’s Music app and listened to while yo... Read More »

Can I transfer music to my iPod without iTunes?

Yes, you can transfer music to an iPod using digital-music software other than Apple's iTunes. You can sync your iPod by downloading programs such as Media Monkey, Songbird and YamiPod, among other... Read More »

How do I transfer music from FrostWire to iTunes?

Open FrostWire and select "Edit" > "Preferences" ("FrostWire" > "Preferences" for Mac users) from the application menu. Click "iTunes" from the left column of the preferences dialog box and select ... Read More »