Is there a flower or plant that starts with T?

Answer Tamarind, tarot plant, tea tree, thyme, tiger lily, turmeric. (This was all I could think of. I'm ashamed of myself)

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Can you name a flower that starts with 'C'?

A Flower that starts with letter b?

Buttercups, Baby's breath, Begonia, Bellflower, Black-eyed Susan, Bear's Breeches, Blue Indigo,Bluebonnet, Bougainvillea, Balloonflower, Belladona, Brugmansia, Blue Daze

Can you gimme a name of a flower that starts with the letter "F"?

fernFennel Forget-Me-Not ForsythiaFoxglove FreesiaFuschia Flax French HoneysuckleFrench MarigoldFleur-de-LisFleur de luceFicoides, Ice Plant

What is the flower called that's most commenly given on Vday... not a rose but it starts with a "c" i think!?

I hate to burst everyones bubble about the carnation but the VFW passes out the poppy.See Source linksIf you are talking about the flower that they pass out on the street corners or in front of sto... Read More »