Is there a fisheye lens that will work with a Canon ae-1 Preferably NOT $600+?

Answer There are two types of fisheye lenses available for your AE-1: the 15mm 180 degree full-frame fisheye lens that covers the entire 35mm film frame and the 7.5mm 360 degree fisheye that produces a ci... Read More »

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Is there any fisheye lens that will fit on a Nikon Coolpix p90?

Will the Canon 35-80mm lens work with the Canon t1i?

Yes. If the lens is a EF or EF-S lens, it should work fine with the t1i

Do you have a Canon EOS 400D with a fisheye lens/objective?

Below are some example:Canon 60D with Canon 8-15 f/4 L fisheye: 400D with Samyang 8mm f/3.5 fisheye: Read More »

Will a Zeikos 37mm 0.40X Fisheye Lens work for a nikon d3000?

yes it does. I just bought one off of eBay and its not a lens its a lens attachment but it works well and im pleased with it.