Is there a garden maze in the UK that you can walk through?

Answer In addition to Longleat (can get stuck for hours) and Hampton Court (Right, right, right - if I remember from visiting as a child!), there are a number of Corn Mazes across the country. Have linke... Read More »

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Do mermaids ever walk on land?

In real life, no because they don't exist. Otherwise it depends on what story they're in and what the author wants.

Is there anywhere in London that still serves fish and chips in newspaper?

As others have pointed out, due to legislation, London chipperies are no longer allowed to serve fish and chips in yesterdays daily mail - a situation that, while probably good for our health, isn'... Read More »

Looking for title of kids video that was about kids stepping into a dream-like land and there was an evil queen and it might have had something to do with eating berries or something that grew on tree?

Garu doesn't talk because he took a vow not to. As far as I'm aware, Pucca doesn't because Garu doesn't. She probably decided to stay that way because she likes him so much.

How to Land a Fish?

Landing a fish is bringing it on land or craft. This is critical if the fish is big, is a prized catch and your line is small.