Are there any fake box top codes out there we have someone saving box tops for us and in every batch there...?

Answer that would be crazy

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Is the HTC chacha a good phone?

I bought HTC Chacha on the day of its release here. I loved the qwerty keypad with android. However, to be frank android in itself has not reached a stable model yet. I was using a samsung galaxy b... Read More »

How to Fit a Case on Your HTC Chacha?

A guide on how to fit a case to your HTC ChaCha mobile phone

There have been somewhat sharp pains in the breasts it's been said that this usually comes before your period however there has never been this pain before now; should there be concern of pregnancy?

Answer Personally I haven't heard of sharp pains in your beasts being a sign of a period. Tender breasts are signs of periods or pregnancy or even hormonal changes. It is possible it could be pregn... Read More »

What is the difference in htc status and htc chacha?

both are same, i.e its a phone with two status (chacha)