Is there a driver finder that you can put on a usb jump drive?

Answer As to a stand alone pgm? None that I know. Your best bet would be which I have used for years. But you would need Internet connectivity.

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The best PC driver finder proggie? this will help you identify the hardware but you'll still need to download the drivers

How to Convert an Internal Hard Drive to an External Jump Drive?

An external "jump" drive is a drive that can be attached to a USB port, allowing for fast and simple access to the data therein. Converting your existing internal hard drive into an external drive ... Read More »

How to Make a Backup of Hard Drive to a Jump Drive?

Jump drives, often referred to as USB drives, use flash memory technology. These small devices plug into your computer's USB port and are typically used to store and transfer files to and from your... Read More »

Is it legal for an insured secondary driver to drive a car owned by a deceased primary driver?

Answer Were they a named insured in the Household? By most companies, if you are rated in the household, you may drive any vehicle in HH. Answer Yes, coverage should still apply to the vehicle howe... Read More »