Is there a drain pipe pass-through kit for standard 24depth dishwashers?

Answer Durabrand was first started in early 2003 as a brand only made for Wal-Mart stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, as a generic brand for electronics. The products are marked f... Read More »

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Does the kitchen sink drain into a washing machine drain pipe?

On One Hand: Washing Machine Drains Are Large EnoughThe washing machine drains water into an open plumbing drain that empties into the main house drain and eventually into the sewer. The drain pipe... Read More »

How to Tap Into a Basement PVC Drain Pipe?

PVC pipe, a plastic pipe used for both water supply as well as drainage, is fairly straightforward for the homeowner to work with and a favorite of professional plumbers. It is easy to cut and tap ... Read More »

How do I snake a drain pipe?

Through the DrainRemove the sink drain cover or stopper. Place the cable of the plumbing snake, or auger, through the drain opening. Crank the auger handle clockwise while applying pressure on the ... Read More »

How do you plumb in a dishwasher drain pipe?

Air pressure out of the vacuum's exhaust automatically creates a negative pressure (a vacuum) at the machines front end - that picks up the dirt.