Is there a dish that Indianapolis is known for?

Answer Stud muffins.And Starbucks.You can't have muffins without Starbucks. Duh.

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What food is Indianapolis is known for?

How can everyone not mention Breaded Pork Tenderlions? You'll never forgive yourself if you visit Indiana and not try one. There are many places around Indy the say th have the best and they are al... Read More »

I am are getting direct TV and there is already a direct tv dish that is for your apartment all the wiring is still down at the outside cable box will they have to put up another dish?

I am having a hard time feeding my family of 5. Is there a dish that is inexpensive that would feed them?

You can put any kind of meat in there plus potatoes. Chicken is always the cheapest. Get a pressure cooker...they cook in minutes, and it'll fall off the bone. Pasta and rice is always cheep. Do t... Read More »

Are there some known *healthy* foods that will help fill hunger pains?

Fresh fruit and vegetables would be your best bet. They have a lot of fiber in them, so you'll feel full for longer. Drink plenty of water too.