Is there a disease caused by termites?

Answer Although termites can do a lot of damage on a home, they do not carry diseases to humans. A termite may bite humans, but the bites aren not harmful to them. In some countries of Africa, people eat ... Read More »

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What disease is caused by the myxovirus?

Influenza is caused by orthomyxoviruses. Measles are caused by paramyxovirus.

Is periodontal disease caused by chemotherapy?

Periodontal disease is not directly correlated to chemotherapy reports the National Cancer Institute. However, chemotherapy treatments can cause advancement of periodontal disease as chemotherapy ... Read More »

Is Graves'disease caused by a virus?

On One Hand: Virus Is Not the CauseA virus has not been associated with Graves' disease. Scientists believe factors such as age, sex and heredity affect the likelihood of developing the condition.... Read More »

Is cirrhosis caused by an autoimmune disease?

On One Hand: Cirrhosis Has Various CausesThe two most common ways people get cirrhosis are from heavy alcohol consumption and from chronic hepatitis C, with obesity becoming a common cause, accordi... Read More »