Is there a digital camera which will accept the telephoto lens of the Minolta Vectis S-1?

Answer Answer Yes, but who maybe not worth it With five manual Rokkor lenses, I've been hoping for the same solution... came across this website and then your ques... Read More »

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Can a Minolta AF 70-210 Zoom lens work on a Minolta digital camera?

Can you use an old telephoto lens with a digital camera?

It probably refers to an SLR style camera which can be purchased without a Lens as the lens are interchangeable.

What digital camera will accept minolta lenses?

That is correct, it is not an optical view finder, though that shouldn't bother you too much. Most cameras have a viewing area which is nearly 100% of the actual image be recorded; this however is ... Read More »

How well does the Tcon 17 telephoto lens work with an nikon digital camera?

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