Is there a difference in refined sugar&raw sugar?

Answer On One Hand: Empty CaloriesManufacturers refine sugar from its raw sugar form through an involved process that includes the use of chemicals. Refined sugar does not contain any minerals, enzymes, v... Read More »

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Is there really such a thing as an allergy or intolerance to refined sugar?

A friend has a daughter with food allergies. It impacts her behaviour so much she was at one point erroneously diagnosed with ADHD. Refined sugar & red food dye make her coo-coo. Did you know a ... Read More »

Is sugar alcohol also calssified as refined sugar?

Technically it is not a sugar. It is chemicals stripped off sugar but no granule. It is used mostly to trick people into buying sugar-free. But really it just more poison the liver has to filter.

Is raw sugar better for you than refined sugar?

On One Hand: Raw Retains NutrientsAlthough raw sugar has undergone some refinement, it is much less processed than refined sugar. Small amounts of nutrients stripped away during the processing of r... Read More »

Is organic sugar refined?

Organic sugar is not refined. In fact, it is about half as processed as the white sugar more commonly used. Organic sugar comes from cane juice that has been evaporated, and is a healthier alternat... Read More »