Is there a difference between termite bond&termite protection plan?

Answer There is no difference between a termite bond and termite protection plan. They can be purchased from exterminators and act as insurance policies against future infestation. Homeowners should be ca... Read More »

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What is the difference between termite worker and termite soldier?

Workers protect and care for the eggs/lava + find food and soldiers guard the nest

What is a termite inspection?

Termites can cause major structural damage over time. Termite inspections performed by an experienced professional can detect an infestation before it destroys part of or your entire house.The Soon... Read More »

What does a termite mound look like?

Insecta Inspecta World and Dr Dons Termite Pages show that termite mounds look somewhat like old, porous, tall tree trunks sticking out of the ground, even though they are simply vertical piles of ... Read More »

How to Identify a Termite?

Termites can cause major structural damage to homes and other buildings as well as wooden furniture. People usually only see termites inside when an infestation is already well established, though ... Read More »